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Hanging Punching Bag

Punching Bag

Hanging Punching Bag (Canvas)

Comes with Ceiling Anchor Bolt and Snap Hooks. Need to mount on Ceiling.

P120 - Height-100cm, Diameter-33cm, Weight-17kg - Price $120.00

Color - Red  - Only Red Available Now

Reviews and Recommendation:

P120 - Best for beginners and general training purposes. Not as firm and as compact as the rest of the bag we have, but overall is a great bag to have.

Hanging Punching Bag

Hanging Punching Bag

P105 - Height-100cm, Diameter-33cm, Weight-19kg - SGD $180.00

P125 - Height-120cm, Diameter-38cm, Weight-26kg - SGD $250.00

Color - Black Only

Reviews and Recommendation:

P105 & P125 - Soft on the outer layer but firm and compact inside, suitable for all rounder training. Generally most guys love these bags.

Hanging Punching Bag

Hanging Punching Bag

P100 - Height-100cm, Diameter-33cm, Weight-15kg - SGD $150.00

P130 - Height-130cm, Diameter-40cm, Weight-35kg - SGD $300.00

Color - Red / Blue

Reviews and Recommendation:

P100 - Very firm bag, great for both beginners and practising a lot of leg kick.
P130 - Very firm and compact, recommend for people who are going for some serious training.

Hanging Punching Bag

Hanging Punching Bag

P075 - Height-75cm, Diameter-28cm, Weight-10kg - SGD $100.00

Color - Black Only

Reviews and Recommendation:

P075 - Due to the light weight, is suitable for beginners or below 15 years old. Overall is a firm and compact bag. This punch bag is light and easily remove for keeping. Great bag for stress relieve. Is a great gifts to give for a birthday presents.

Take Note: We do delivery, but Do Not do Installation of Hanging Bag

You will need to engage your own electrical contractor to do installation.


Best Deals in Town !  (for Limited Qty)

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Punching Bag, aka Heavy Bag.

Boxing is a very challenging sports, it has the same benefits of anaerobic exercise like running and other similar sports. It's training builds our unique blend of speed, strength, and endurance. It is a common thing among the young practising boxing using the punching bag to train up their strength and endurance, not for competition or having an opponent. Think of it as a training and get yourself in shape.

The heavy bag allows you to use different styles and techniques, either moving side to side and pinging off jabs, right crosses and other long range punches, or stepping in close and using crunching short range hooks and short range uppercuts. The heavy bag can be used to improve speed, strength and endurance by configuring the rounds, punching rate and punching style accordingly. It’s also a great way to relieve the stress at the end of a hard day!

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